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Employee Rights

Work is such an essential part of our lives; not only is it necessary on a financial level, but the ability to work offers a sense of meaning, purpose, and connection. When your ability to work is limited by discrimination, much more than money is at stake. The law provides protection from many forms of discrimination, but often, legal action is necessary to invoke those safeguards and to stop unlawful discrimination. Read More

LGBTQ Rights

Attorney Mark Elliott is a committed advocate for the rights of LGBTQ individuals, including those experiencing discrimination based on their gender identity or gender expression. An accomplished attorney who has witnessed the damaging effects of harassment and discrimination, Mark firmly believes that when the truth and law are on a client's side, even the most daunting obstacles can be overcome. Read More

Civil Rights

The rights afforded to individuals are enshrined in our laws and the Constitution. Often times these rights are taken for granted and may only be appreciated when they have been infringed upon. The law provides protection from many forms of discrimination. Unfortunately, legal action may be required in order to end unlawful discriminatory practices. Read More

Health Information Privacy and Compliance

Personal health information is the most private and delicate of all data collected from individuals. The most intimate details are shared with and recorded by health care providers and insurance companies. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and systems fail. Personal health information can be accessed due to a breach of computer systems or file storage rooms. Read More

Business Transactions

Assisting corporate clients in a variety of transactions, general corporate matters, and regulatory compliance, and bringing the experience and acumen business organizations need in order to confidently pursue transactions which will grow and support their business. Read More

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