Employee Rights and Discrimination

Work is such an essential part of our lives; not only is it necessary on a financial level, but the ability to work offers a sense of meaning, purpose, and connection. When your ability to work is limited by discrimination, much more than money is at stake. The law provides protection from many forms of discrimination, but often, legal action is necessary to invoke those safeguards and to stop unlawful discrimination.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a landmark in shielding employees from discrimination. Title VII prohibits discrimination against employees and job applicants based on age, race, color, national origin, religion, or sex. Florida state law also provides protection from discrimination on these grounds, as well as whistleblower protection for individuals whose employers retaliated against them for reporting discrimination or other illegal acts.

Helping Florida Victims of Employment Discrimination Take Action

Attorney Mark Elliott is an experienced employment discrimination attorney, with experience representing corporations in employment law and discrimination matters. He now concentrates his practice in protecting the rights of employees in Central Florida who have been unfairly discriminated against. His background in corporate employment law gives him special insight into what is needed to successfully combat employment discrimination.

Discrimination based on membership in a protected group can take many forms, including:

  • Suggesting or openly stating a preference for members of a certain group in a job advertisement
  • Excluding potential employees from a certain group during recruitment
  • Denying certain employees compensation or benefits based on group membership
  • Paying employees with the same qualifications in the same position different salaries
  • Preferring a certain group with regard to promotions, or laying off members of a certain group before others
  • Denying certain employees use of company facilities or opportunities based on group membership
  • Harassing members of a certain group, including name-calling or threats based on group membership

When harassment or other discrimination interferes with an employee's ability to do their job or creates a hostile work environment, the only recourse may be legal action.

Resources for Florida Victims of Employment Discrimination

The experience of discrimination based on age, race, color, national origin, sex, or religion can be very isolating. Taking action to fight discrimination, on the other hand, can be empowering. When you stand up for what is right, you do not have to stand alone. Mark Elliott Law offers both understanding of your difficult situation and the advocacy you need in order to change it. Discrimination has a negative impact on everyone, not just those who are directly affected.

Attorney Mark Elliott is committed to helping employees in Orlando, Orange County and Central Florida combat the effects of employment discrimination and protect their rights. We invite you to contact our law office to schedule a consultation in our Orlando office.

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